By Lara Fielding | Thursday, June 18, 2015
We tend to overlook, or minimize, the role of self care on our mental health resilience. When I first began my psychology studies, the idea that one's health habits could influence the psycho-biological substrates of emotion was considered fringe and radical. But research is now conclusive, you have way more influence on your own biology than... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Monday, April 6, 2015
What is your mind habit? Habits become autopilot when 1) they are in some way rewarding (increase pleasure or decrease pain) and 2) are practiced repeatedly. There are four typical habits, which become apparent when we practice mindfulness. Can you identify your Mind Habits? Knowing our particular mind habits help us to monitor when we have moved... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Wednesday, April 1, 2015
More good feelings -- less bad ones. All humans want to feel good and avoid feeling bad as much as possible. But over time we can loose our willingness to experience the later in the service of the former. When people come to my practice for help, it is usually, and understandably, with the aim of feeling better. When I ask what their goal is... Read More
By Lara Fielding | Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Willingness is opening yourself up to your experience Willingness Skills Willingness, the ability to enter into and allow our internal experience, is one of the most powerful skills you can learn, and the most difficult. Willingness is difficult because our emotions have such a strong connection to our automatic behavioral reactions. As a result, we need the very intentional practice of... Read More
By Lara Fielding | Monday, January 26, 2015
  Why we don't assert ourselves and forfeit our due???? In any interpersonal interaction, the moment we ask for something or have to say no, we are making a choice; my discomfort or theirs? Too often, we choose the former. In some way, this makes us feel in control, we do not have to feel the vulnerability of disappointment or risk judgment in... Read More
By Lara Fielding | Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Your Body-Mind Vehicle: Connecting Mind-Heart-Feet A good way to think about your journey through life is to think of yourself as a vehicle. There are lots of different kinds of vehicles of coarse. Some can go really fast, but they are not very good at going off road, taking the bumps, or hauling heavy loads. Others are great for heavy lifting... Read More
By Lara Fielding | Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Are you over or under regulated? Imagine a world that is populated with small fiefdoms all throughout the land. Each has a Castle, with a king or queen, and Villagers. The Castle and the Village metaphor represents two poles of psychological coping: over regulation and under regulation.  Each has it’s strengths and it’s weaknesses. But, when either is overly prominent, rigidly... Read More
By Lara Fielding | Friday, January 9, 2015
Going into the weekend (as well as beginning a New Year) is always a good time to recommit to taking personal responsibility for our self regulation and coping. Here is a short concise review of what mindfulness can do to our brains and ability to improve performance and excel at our goals for 2015! Read More
By Lara Fielding | Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Regulating our emotional reactions to stress, in a healthy and adaptive way, does not happen easily or magically. But, it seems most of us assume that it “should" happen easily and effortlessly.  Like any skill, it is only from PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, that this becomes second nature. Even with repeated review and practice, strong emotions... Read More
By Lara Fielding | Tuesday, October 21, 2014
  Moving from Awareness to Action: Awareness is an activity of the mind. Behavior problems need behavioral solutions. “Awareness is the first step!” We hear this expressed a lot. Okay. This is true. It is the “first step.” But Awareness – knowing – acknowledging – giving attention to something is not enough, with out the Actions to back it up... Read More