By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Thursday, February 2, 2017
psychological flexibility  I have the words of Bob Dylan floating through my mind these days….. This past week client after client has plopped themselves on my couch, called for skills coaching, or submitted home practice related to the vast changes our world is observing. “What now?” “I’m scared!” “We’re on a slippery slope to doom,” is the tone of what I am hearing. Yep... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Monday, January 9, 2017
Just about anyone you ask thinks they’re super self aware. Yet we all know so many people we judge to be unaware, distracted, even ‘clueless’ to their own stuff. So, what’s going on here? Are we all in denial?  We all have gaps in self-awareness because seeing our foibles naturally causes discomfort. Self-awareness can trigger self-judgment, which... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Validation skills, the balm that sooths strong emotionsEver found yourself caught in a difficult dialogue with someone (maybe even with yourself), where emotions were escalating, and reasoning not helping? It can feel like a futile battle as you try everything to stomp out the flickering flames of emotion before a brush fire takes hold! You try to focus on the positive, examine the pros and cons,... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Surviving the holidays Why Family is a Trigger Ever wonder why your family can push your buttons like no one else? . . Because they installed them of course! Your pet peeves, triggers, and hot buttons (your Passengers) got programmed into the subconscious of your mind-body vehicle from repeated experiences along your journey. So the holidays are an utter breading... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Wednesday, November 16, 2016
A lot of people are feeling a lot of emotions right now, ranging from hopeful to hopeless; from satisfied to enraged. When we have disagreements, both sides become convinced that ‘if only the other side understood’ their side of things, all could be well.  The result? Everyone is ‘explaining’ – no one is listening – the divide grows! As I watch... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Healing Disappointment: Stronger TogetherIn a nation where half of us are filled with shock and sadness, skillfulness takes on a much different tone. On a normal day, the ultimate aim would be to move towards feeling better, or even happiness. But today is NOT a normal day. Today is a day of monumental practice. Today is a day for the excruciating practice of sitting with our sadness as... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Difficult emotions as messangers for what you truly care about.  “Who would wanna look at their suffering?! I mean, why would I want do that?” A dear client of mine asked repeatedly the other day after reading the Are you a Self Esteem Junkie blog. This is such an important question because it is the most natural thing in the world to want to hold tightly to our self-estimation. Like my client, we all desire... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Monday, June 13, 2016
How to Beat a Case of the ”F**k Its”We’ve all been there! It can come on fast - or boil up from a slow brew. There are things to do - goals to be pursued - tasks to be managed. But every ounce of you wants to avoid, procrastinate, and plain old throw in the towel! Your mind starts offering you one hundred different ways to feel better NOW! All the usual suspects come into awareness... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Thursday, May 19, 2016
The Dark Side of Self-Esteem.Of course we all want to feel good about ourselves!  Striving for success, accomplishing goals, feeling appreciated are all a part of a healthy life well lived. But is there a point at which the pursuit of subjective self worth can trip us up? Like anything in excess, self-esteem can have a dark side, and it may not be exactly what you think!  ... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Finding HappinessWe all want to be happy…. Or at least have more happiness than sadness, anxiety, or anger in our lives. But we don't know how the basic system of our mind-body machines functions, to either promote or hinder our happiness. A simple understanding of this system can get you moving in the right direction! Every week I get calls from people eager to... Read More