By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Monday, January 9, 2017
Just about anyone you ask thinks they’re super self aware. Yet we all know so many people we judge to be unaware, distracted, even ‘clueless’ to their own stuff. So, what’s going on here? Are we all in denial?  We all have gaps in self-awareness because seeing our foibles naturally causes discomfort. Self-awareness can trigger self-judgment, which... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Thursday, February 2, 2017
psychological flexibility  I have the words of Bob Dylan floating through my mind these days….. This past week client after client has plopped themselves on my couch, called for skills coaching, or submitted home practice related to the vast changes our world is observing. “What now?” “I’m scared!” “We’re on a slippery slope to doom,” is the tone of what I am hearing. Yep... Read More
By Anonymous | Sunday, May 14, 2017
Two Faces of YouWe all have private internal experiences (emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations, and impulses), which we keep to ourselves, only sharing to a certain few. Having appropriate boundaries like this is healthy and necessary for effectively negotiating the world. But some of us have a harder time than others showing up ‘in our skin’ so to speak – fully... Read More
By Lara Fielding Psy.D., Ed.M | Monday, July 24, 2017
Body Positivity in a Sea of Skinny Body Positivity in a Sea of Skinny Looking out from the eyes of a young girl, everyone was thin and beautiful. It was a ‘sea of skinny,’ for young Jodi Guber Brufsky growing up in the limelight of her powerful father. A uniquely challenging environment for a little girl whose natural body set point was not the norm in her environment. “Self... Read More